Siloam Springs Writers Guild is a voluntary nonprofit organization of persons interested in improving their writing skills, and/or in fellowshipping with such people. Monthly meetings include a speaker, or member readings. Monthly prose and poetry contests provide small first, second and third monetary prizes. Anyone may visit the guild meetings and enter writings that may possibly be critiqued, but membership in the guild is required to win a prize. The guild calendar includes a summer writers conference and an annual poetry contest with prizes funded by the Roy Chesney Foundation of Siloam Springs.

Guild meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.  Temporary location is First Baptist Church, West entrance, Room 120. Visitors are always welcome. Contact us for Membership Applications. Annual membership for adults is $15.00; for Youth $7.50. 

Officers for 2022-2023 are:

President: Mike Ellicott; Vice President: Cheryl Ellicott

This husband and wife team are experienced in writing, editing, illustrating, and publishing at Sweetwater Still Publishing. Additionally, the Ellicotts are  working on establishing a Bible bookstore in West Siloam.

Secretary: Rachel Kulp

Rachel has been our secretary for a number of years and publishes the guild’s Gazette. She is a published author, a former English teacher, and our  contact with The Roy Chesney Foundation, which provides the guild with a working grant.

Treasurer: Carol Linzey

Carol has had experience with financial matters for over fifty years. Her husband, Gene formerly served as president.

Gazette Editor: Rachel Kulp; Hostess: Jane Weathers; Publicity: Rachel Kulp; Historian: Rosemary Matthews.

Siloam Springs Writers Guild members with published works:

 Sylvia Alderton

Cheryl Ellicott

Mile Ellicott

Caroline Geer

Linda Johnstone

Rachel Kulp

Gene Linzey

Jonathan Marks

Rosemary Matthews

Marvin Matthews

Billie Thompson

Jessica Thompson

Jane Weathers

Kent Wyatt

Rebekah Wyatt