• Meetings & Events

    Writers Guild Monthly Meeting

    Monday, June 12, 5:30 PM:
    Author Rachel Kulp

    “Win by Detail”


    (No regular monthly meeting; writers conference by paid registration)

    5th Summer Writers Conference Saturday, July 22 9:00 am – 5:00 Book Fair and Signing: Public free to meet Authors

    from 4:00 to 5:00 pm

    First Baptist Church Gymnasium

    Visitors Welcome

    First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
    2000 Dawn Hill Road, Siloam Springs, West entrance
    Second Monday of the month at 5:30 P.M.

    Monthly Writing Contests for Members:

    July and following contest entries due by the last day of the month.

    JULY CONTESTS (due June 20 to June 30):
    PROSE: Newspaper article (maximum 750 words)
    POETRY: Freedom (Quatrain) (maximum 36 lines)

    Siloam Springs Writers Guild Member’s Contest Entry Check Sheet:

    Each Entry should: –– [Also, see below:  “Poetry Entries,” and “Prose Entries.”] 

    1. include its title which should 
    a. be set off from “the body” with two empty lines. (From the top margin, use single space to third line below the title. In prose, change to double spacing for the body— third line below the title.)
    b. be in regular font (Titles should NOT be all CAPs. Only the first letter of major words should be capitalized.) 

    2. be in 12 point Times New Roman regular font, 

    3. be prepared for 8½” x 11” pages, 

    4. have one inch page margins (top, bottom, left, right), 

    5. be submitted in English, 

    6. be void of coarse or obscene language, 

    7. be emailed, as an attachment (each entry in a separate email), to:  sswgsisp@gmail.com
    a. in “.doc” or “.docx” file format, 
    b. identified, on the email “Subject” line, with the month and category (e.g. “May prose” or “May poetry”), 
    c. in a single email of one attached file having both the entry and its cover sheet, 
    d. submitted by email between the 20th day of the preceding month and the 1st day of the assignment month.

    8. The entry body, itself, should NOT include the author’s name, pagination, word art, decorative graphic, or other identifying or attracting elements. 

    9. As first or last page, include a “cover sheet” in the same file (document, attachment) as the entry with:   
    a. all lines aligned to center,
    b. title of entry two inches from top edge of the cover page in regular font, 
    c. submitter’s name, 
    d. submitter’s email address, 
    e. copy of the entry’s first two lines,
    f. assignment month and category:

    Submitted to the Siloam Springs Writers Guild 
    for entry in the Month, Year, Category contest.

    Poetry Entries:

    10. including titles, are to be left-aligned (one inch left margin), not center-aligned, and single-spaced – exceptions: spaces between stanzas, or if the shape of the poem is part of the poem’s meaning or definition.  
    (appropriate indentations are not excluded.)

    11. have a maximum of 36 lines, unless otherwise specified in the assignment. 

    Prose Entries:

    12. have title centered in regular font, located two inches below the top edge of its first page (one inch below the top margin),

    13. have the “body” double-spaced,   

    14. have left-aligned paragraphs, with first line indentation of 0.5” (1/2 inch),  

    15. have one double-space and an indentation separating paragraphs (a single empty line).

    16. have a maximum of 750 words, unless otherwise specified in the assignment. 

    For further information, contact sswgsisp@gmail.com