Annual Roy Chesney Poetry Contest

2022 Theme: “Who is My Neighbor?”

2022 Roy Chesney Poetry Contest Winners:

1st Place – Daniel Mason “Even Them”
2nd Place – Charles Blalack “Of Names and Neighbors”
3rd Place – Cherith Mason “Being a Good Neighbor”
1st Time Entrant Winner – Rulon Foster, Jr. “Who is My Neighbor”
Honorable Mention – Sara Anderson “Influencer”
Honorable Mention – Kendra Cooke “Until I’m a Wreck on the Road”

2021 Theme: “A Coming Storm”

2021 Roy Chesney Poetry Contest Winners:

1st Place: “Beckoning” by Michael Marks
2nd Place: “Immersed” by Stephen T. Beers
3rd Place: “The Quiet Before” by Sara Anderson
1st Time Entrant: “Calm Before School” by Hannah Kintzel
Honorable Mention: “Woman – an oncoming storm” by Lilly White
Honorable Mention: “Gaia” by Angel Salomon-January

2020 Theme: “Understanding the Times”

2020 Roy Chesney Poetry Contest Winners:

1st Place: “The Old, Old Fiddler” by Cheryl Ellicott
2nd Place: “Find the Truth” by Rachel Kulp
3rd Place: “Third Way” by Jessica Hotten Wilson
1st Time Entrant: “Do I Understand?” by Carol Linzey
Honorable Mention: “Paradox” by Carl Clark
Honorable Mention: “Oh, My God!” by Mike Ellicott

2019 Theme: “Building Bridges”

2019 Roy Chesney Poetry Contest Winners:

  1. “Across The Gap We made Ourselves” by Jeremiah Luethje
  2. “Summer Visit at Prairie Grove” by Amanda Mohr
  3. “Build Bridges” by Hope Nast
  4. First Time Entrant: “The Longest Board” by Stephen T. Beers
  5. HM: “Bridge to Humanity” by Rachel Kulp
  6. HM: “At the End of Us, a Bridge” by Kendra Cooke

2018 Theme: “Siloam Springs”

2018 Roy Chesney Poetry Contest Winners:

1. “Siloam is Loam” by Kendra Cooke
2. “She – Is Siloam Springs” by Natasha Nathan
3. “Lovin’ Siloam Springs” by Rachel Kulp
4. First Time Entrant “Forgotten from the Census” by Jamie Walt
5. HM: “Who am I” by Dana Ahnen
6. HM: “Our Town, Siloam Springs” by David Ravenhill

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